We cling to the things we like. It's human.

The Clingy Company is a collection of projects created mostly by our founder, Collin Lee. We cling to them because we like them, and we hope that our users do too.

What We Do

Thinkers. Doers. Entrepreneurs.

If we can dream it, then we like to do it. As creative entrepreneurs, the Clingy Company works to create things that we and our clients want to cling on to for life.

Current Projects
In no particular order

The Team

Founded in 2019, The Clingy Company is a brain child of Collin Lee. Collin, a current student at The University of Miami, loves when creativity and entrepreneurship is combined - and works to make this happen every day.

Contact Us

Want to contact the Clingy Company team? Shoot us an email at collin@clingy.co.

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